Dryden Aqua

AFM Media

AFM® Activated Filter Media is a highly engineered activated filter media made from specific up-cycled colored glass types. AFM® is a direct replacement for sand in any sand filter. AFM® grade 1 is certified to remove more than 90% of 4 micron particles, more than double the fine-particle retention of sand. AFM® surface activation prevents biofouling, improves biosecurity, and stops channeling. AFM® has a minimum service life in excess of 10 years and provides a short pay-back.

Air Diffusers

DA fine-bubble air diffusers are  the most efficient available and are ideal for retrofit applications as a simple drop-in product for lakes, tanks, lagoons, and aeration channels, for both clean water and wastewater treatment.

AFM Demo Unit

AFM Demo unit is used when onsite testing is needed. Please contact your local Account Manager for details on the use of the AFM Demo Unit.