Our Business

With 100 years of combined experience, Rawson/Industrial Controls has a mission to be more than just an industrial products distributor. We offer one of the most complete combinations of products and services in the industry. Our customers continue to place their trust in us because of our history of successfully applying our products and enabling them to perform with utmost degree of efficiency and productivity.

Our success is best reflected by our product specialism and the quality of the products that we provide. More importantly, our success is derived from the longevity of our customers. We strive to have on-hand inventory of the products our customers need in the case of an emergency and consistently monitor our delivery times so that we can make incremental improvements in this area. In addition to expanding our existing partnerships, we also continue to add highly reputable and innovative manufacturers to our product portfolio to enhance our offerings and truly be a full-solution provider.

The daily operations of major corporations and institutions depend on the products that Rawson/Industrial Controls sales representatives help them choose and how well these products work for the company, dispensing with unnecessary manpower and performing tasks that cannot be done manually. Our technical sales representatives’ duties go beyond merely selling, taking an order, and processing it. Our sales team has an intimate knowledge of the mechanics and technology behind the manufacturers’ products and can determine whether such products are designed to fit your particular needs.

On the technical side, customers take advantage of our engineering solutions and problem-solving capabilities. We offer technical services, training classes and programs, consulting, operational surveys and energy audits, component consolidation for specific installation activities, and complex valve automation and instrumentation solutions.

We can help solve any product and technical service needs with a single phone call or email. Contact us today with your unique needs.

How We Came Together

SHV, in its inception

Rawson was founded in 1954 with Industrial Controls being established in 1976. Although the two companies offered similar products, they were active in different geographies of the United States.

In 2009, a company called ERIKS (which was established in 1940 in Alkmaar, the Netherlands) was incorporated by SHV Holdings, a privately held family company. SHV invests for the long term, expanding and developing businesses and providing their customers with excellent products and services. SHV started business in 1896 as a coal-trading company.

Today, SHV has an impressive portfolio of companies: Mammoet, Nutreco, NPM Capital, Dyas, Makro, and SHV Energy, with:

  • 55,000 employees
  • A presence in 58 countries worldwide
  • Annual sales of $22 billion (or € 20 billion)

Being purchased by SHV catapulted ERIKS to begin to acquire more heavily in the North American market. In 2010, ERIKS purchased Rawson and, in 2011, ERIKS purchased Industrial Controls. The two companies completed several acquisitions themselves over the years and, in 2019, officially came together as one. Rawson/Industrial Controls designs and customizes product solutions to help customers solve complex problems. We have partnerships in 32 states across the Gulf Coast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, Northeast, Southeast, and Southwest regions of the U.S. Additionally, in 2019, the commercial HVAC part of the Industrial Controls formed a new business unit called ICD Building Automation. ICD Building Automation was established to better serve customers who have specialized technology needs– such as contractors, schools, and hospitals—to name a few. To see what ICD Building Automation offers, visit the Building Automation section of this website that is under Product Solutions.