Engineered Solutions

We are a multiproduct specialist with expertise in industrial instrumentation, actuation, and automation. We also maintain a staff of highly experienced control-systems engineers who are available to our customers to help specify, design, and implement your control projects.

In addition:

  • Our broad industry knowledge spans multiple markets such as power, water, food & beverage, chemical, petro-chemical, pharmaceutical, and more.
  • Our application knowledge covers almost any control challenge presented to us. Some examples are level, flow, PLC, SCADA, thermal processing, wireless, cellular RTU, cyber security, remote access, IIoT, and more.
  • Connecting you, the customer, to our people and network of implementation partners gives you the support you need to manage your facility.

Our Service Capabilities

System Design

Rawson/Industrial Controls’ team of design engineers and network of fabrication partners can help design systems to accomplish your simplest or most challenging control projects. From gas train design to control panel fabrication, the Engineered Solutions team can help.

Panel Design

Rawson/Industrial Control has extensive experience designing control panels for applications ranging from flame safety and burner control to process automation and SCADA systems. With a network of local partners, Rawson/Industrial Controls can provide your complete system tested and ready to operate.

Panel Drawings

Supporting customers who require complete panel designs, Rawson/Industrial Controls provides detailed panel drawings, including layout, installation, and wiring diagrams.

Panel Fabrication

Employing a broad range of partner fabricators and in-house engineering talent, Rawson/Industrial Controls offers turnkey control panels that have been pre-wired, programmed, tested, and are ready for installation.

Wireless Surveys

Rawson/Industrial Controls helps our customers save installation costs and access more process information by implementing wireless data acquisition. By offering preinstallation testing and surveys, we reduce risk by utilizing the most powerful wireless instrumentation, networking, and SCADA systems.

PLC & SCADA Programming

To learn more about our PLC & SCADA Programming services, please click here.

Employing in-house resources and a wide network of partner organizations, Rawson/Industrial Controls can help  you solve your control-system challenges. Rawson/Industrial Controls offers logic programming as well as HMI and SCADA development, supplementing our broad offerings of automation products to provide complete solutions.

Instrumentation Integration

Rawson/Industrial Controls represents a wide variety of instrumentation vendors and technologies. With expertise in level, flow, pressure, temperature, and analytical devices, we can help you apply the right solutions and integrate them into your control systems.

Boiler/Burner Upgrades

With a broad range of burner management, gas train, automation, and HMI equipment at our disposal, Rawson/Industrial Controls engineering team provides detailed solutions to burner and thermal management applications. With a large network of service provider partners, Rawson/Industrial Controls offers a range of solutions from parts migration through turnkey installations.

Field Support & Training

Either in person, or via remote access, Rawson/Industrial Controls engineers are available to audit your systems to identify obsolescence risks. We are also available to troubleshoot problems, evaluate enhancements, and provide training for operations and engineering.

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